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625NS Chipper Shredder Vacuum

625NS Chipper Shredder Vacuum
The 625NS Chips, Shreds, Vacuums!
625NS Chipper Shredder Vacuum 625NS Chipper Shredder Vacuum 625NS Chipper Shredder Vacuum 625NS Chipper Shredder Vacuum 625NS Chipper Shredder Vacuum 625NS Chipper Shredder Vacuum


The Model 625NS is a great unit for the landscaper, small tree services, lawn maintenance professional, in other words anyone that has several jobs around the property.  Why tow around 3 machines, when one machine will do it all?  This unit will chip up to 5" round wood material, shred branches, leaves, and garden debris, and vacuum leaves.  What a time saver, money saver and versatile piece of equipment.  This is a unit you can use all year round.  360º exhaust and chip deflector require no tools to adjust.  Compact and easy to tow through gates and around trees, and over the road.


Standard Features Include:

This unit features a Torflex Axle with independent suspension, Heavy Duty Fenders with Light Enclosures and D.O.T. approved lighting.





When transporting, simply place the handle bracket over the handle holder mounted on the frame.  When using the Hose, the Hose Hanger Assembly swivels and extends out for ease of vacuuming in tight areas.




If you need to remove the hose, or store it while not in use, a hose cover is provided, mounted on the housing.  Simply slide out the cover and slide it over the hose opening.





Testimonials: (Click here to view more)

"The versatility allows us to use it substantially more often than our previous leaf vac/truck loader that was only used during our leaf removal season.  This equates to a much larger return on our investment and it eliminated the need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment to do the same amount of quality of work as we can achieve with a single Salsco 625 Chipper Shredder Vac." Jim, Nature's Best Inc., Davidsonville, MD

"I purchased the 625 Chipper Shredder Vac from the Salsco dealer in Kentucky.  I saw the product at the GIS Show in Louisville, KY.  It works great! A Plus Lawn and Landscape, INC.  Lawrenceburg, KY



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