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The Model 818XT Has an Extra Wide 24" Infeed Opening.

18" High x 24" Wide at the Infeed

Enormous Crush Power!

While dual feed rolls is standard a Quad Feed Roll Option is available.  This is a very heavy duty built machine and designed to chip up 18" branches all day, every day with minimum down time.  At an infeed rate of up to 103 feet per minute, your crew will have a hard time keeping up with it.  All the standard features on this machine are built in to provide the user with a unit that's easy to maintain, safe to operate an and ready to go!


Some standard features include: (Click on the link at the bottom of the page for literature & a full specifications brochure)

  • 2” thick x 58” diamter machined & fully balanced impeller with a  7” diameter machined impeller shaft.  Approximately 1,700 lbs.  1/2" thick double sided chip blades set in extra wide chip blade pockets to expedite flow through of material.
  • Two adjustable, reversible, & sharpenable bed knives.  Vines & stringy material will not wrap.
  • 1/4" thick steel, 62" wide dirt drop infeed tray with a welded safety apron, dual emergency stops & safety handle, allows for dirt, rocks & other non-woody material to filter through before entering the machine.  This helps decrease the wear & tear on the chip blades and bed knives.
  • 3/8" steel plate impeller housing with an easy impeller housing slide & electric safety latch.
  • 3/8" steel, 981lb. feed roll yoke.  Continuous welds & gusseted.
  • 2" x 6" x 1/4" wall, rectangular steel tubing trailer frame.  Continuous welds, and gusseted cross members.
  • 3/8" steel, heavy duty diamond plate fenders with light enclosures, vise mount pads, mud flaps & flag holders.

The SSS Salsco Safety Shield Option is a safety system that vastly improves wood chipping safety.   Proactively and effectively preventing wood chipper injury by immediately shutting down the chippers's infeed system when an operator enters a defined hazard zone.  (Click on the link at the bottom of the page to view & download the SSS Salsco Safety Shield brochure)

Click here to view the SSS Salsco Safety Shield Demonstration



The Hydraulic Lift Option with Crush Cylinders greatly improves the processing of large 18" branches and reduces wear and tear on both the 818XT and the operator.  Pull the lever on the infeed and the top feed roll is raised so that the branch can be loaded directly under the feed roll.  Lower the lever on the branch and the feed roll will pull in and crush the branch.  A great time & labor saver!






OPTIONS: (Click on the specification and literature link below to view all the specifications and options that are avilable.)

  • Speed Sensing with Auto Reverse
  • Hydraulic Feed Roll Lift with Crush Cylinders
  • Quad Feed Rolls
  • SSS Salsco Safety Shield
  • Safety Light Package
  • High Speed Winch & Winch Wire
  • Hydraulic Rotational 360º Exhaust Chute
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Height Exhaust Chute
  • Spare Tire & Spare Tire Mount

Click here to view the Model 818XT in Action.


"This machine is able to chip brush and large wood better than any other chipper I've ever used. With the large 18" diameter wood, the Salsco 818XT chips just like it's chipping small diameter brush.  The RPM stays high and it doesn't seem like it's under any stress at all.

This gives us confidence in the unit's ability to chip even the large 18" wood.  We purchased this unit to chip 18" wood, as our other large chippers showed stress when chipping large wood.  The Salsco 818XT performs consistently well and holds the same composure chipping large wood as when its chipping small brush. There's hardly any bouncing or vibration.

The feed sensing with auto reverse stops and starts the machine very well, keeps the engine rpm high, is well timed, and never has failed.

I like the wide opening design on the exhaust chute.  It doesn't clog at all, even when chipping vines.

When I first got the machine, we took down a huge tree that was covered in vines.  We wouldn't usually think about putting a tree as covered in vines as that one into a chipper, even the other 18" chippers I've used couldn't handle this tree.  It would normally take about 1-1/2hrs to do a tree this size, this covered in vines, but it only took us 40 minutes with the Salsco chipper.  Also, the 818XT did not clog or wrap on either the infeed rolls or the shaft.

With large logs other machines jump and seem to be relieved when they're done with the log.  Like it needs to take a breath.  With a Salsco chipper, it's constant the whole time.  Like if it was chipping brush.

Even very hard wood, oak, maple, it chips with no problem.  Seems to be under no stress.  No jumping, no moving, it keeps its composure throughout.

The machine is very heavily built, and some might think because of the weight that it would sink into the ground.  However, because of the wide wheels and the double axle, there is actually the opposite effect, even compared to much lighter machines."  Conel, Bridgeport, CT



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