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360º Exhaust with Adjustable Chip Deflector, Requires No Tools to Adjust


Easy to operate, maintain and transport.  The 627XT has dual hydraulic feed rolls, 360º exhaust chute, and an easy adjust exhaust flap.  No tools are necessary to adjust the exhaust chute or exhaust flap.  Flow control is standard, and is easily adjusted to be compatible with most tractors in the field.  The Model 627XT, PTO is a 6” capacity hydraulic feed chipper with a large 7” x 8” infeed opening to dual feed rolls. This unit utilizes (6) 1/2” thick x 5-1/8” long x 4” wide, double-sided chip blades and a 1/2” thick, reversible, sharpenable, and replaceable bed knife for consistent chip size.

This unit is exceptional in quality and performance, by far the best 6" PTO chipper on the market today.


Speed Sensing is available as an option.  Speed Sensing monitors the impeller RPM, and should the RPM drop to a certain RPM, the infeed will stop and wait for the RPM of the impeller to come up to full operating RPM, and then it will start feeding in the material.  An invaluable tool!

Also available as an option is an I-Match quick attach adapter.



(Click on te picture belw for a video clip taken by a Salesman at J.W. Turf.)

"It was a pleasure talking with you recently and I trust you had a pleasant 4th of July Holiday.  I have attached a copy of a few pictures taken during some recent chipping activities on my property.  As I highlighted in my previous email, sent nearly four years ago, I continue to be quite pleased with the 627XT performance.  As noted, this is a well-built, durable machine that will continue to provide years of reliable service.  It is quite satisfying to watch sizable beech tree saplings and larger branches be rapidly reduced to a pile of usable chips.  As Jack highlighted, when I initially contacted Salsco about purchasing a chipper, the speed sensing feature would be a wise option to select.  I could not agree more.  As I often work by myself, I can nearly maintain a continuous feed of branches and material going into the hopper and the machine doesn’t bog down or hesitate."

"With this being the company’s 40th anniversary, congratulations are in order! Recognizing the challenging market conditions, Salsco’s continued success is a commentary on the dedication and commitment of a highly qualified engineering and manufacturing team.  Quality does matter and with Salsco, the customer gets what they pay for. If at any time, a prospective customer is on the fence on which chipper to purchase, I would be more than happy to directly share with them my experience.  I'm more than happy to talk about my chipper to anyone who will listen." John Roth, Meredith, NH


"It was a pleasure to speak to you recently regarding my Salsco 627 XT that I purchased last year.  As you are aware, I travel quite a bit and have limited time at home.  This summer though, I have had an extended period at home and was able to get out in the woods and deal with some downed trees and initiate a major cleanup along my road.  As you are likely aware, tractor therapy is crucial and mine has been enhanced with the addition of the 627 XT."


"I did significant research on PTO chippers before deciding on the Salsco machine.  This is one of those times where I believe that my research really did pay off.  The machine is not cheap, “but the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn’t be more appropriate”.  My philosophy for buying this model was quite simple:  I wanted a tool that was going to last and that had a capacity that would handle whatever material is not firewood-sized.  “I am confident that this chipper will standup to anything that I can put through it”.


After mounting the 627 XT to my tractor, a JD 4720, I went about servicing the 627 XT to ensure it was well greased prior to starting work. “ I was struck by the seemingly simple, but well thought out location of the grease zerks. “  They are accessible and positioned for ease of use.  This small detail is indicative of overall quality of the machine. “ Once in operation, one quickly realizes that this is a serious piece of equipment.”  “There is a lot of steel in this machine.  It is not at all a lightweight tool.  The ease with which it chips material makes it enjoyable to operate.  The addition of the speed-sense option has proven to be well worth the cost.  I work alone and with the Speed-Sense option, my productivity is improved with the added benefit of increased operational safety.”


"Best of all, the Salsco 627 XT is made in the USA!  The craftsmanship and quality of the construction is a tribute to the design and fabrication teams that work at Salsco.  The customer support that I received for the initial purchase and during the integration of the Speed-Sense option was extremely thorough and helpful.  The Salsco Team should be proud of their achievements.  Keep it up! The chipper is well matched to my JD 4720. I look forward to many years of operation and satisfaction from the Salsco 627 XT." John W. Roth Meredith, NH


"I first saw this chipper on a trailer being towed by Salsco to a trade show.  I called the 800 number on the truck and went to the factory to see the unit.  I also received a tour of the factory.  I am using the 627XT on my John Deere 3320, it handles it perfectly.  My 627XT is the best thing ever!" It is perfect for the apple tree branches.  It pulls them right through, 90° branches, angles and all. It's the first "quiet" chipper I've used.  The flow control is very effective." Greg, Rocky Brook Orchard, RI

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