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CRV Core Recovery Vehicle

CRV Core Recovery Vehicle
The CRV has a 72" Swath and Floating Guide Blades.
CRV Core Recovery Vehicle CRV Core Recovery Vehicle CRV Core Recovery Vehicle CRV Core Recovery Vehicle CRV Core Recovery Vehicle CRV Core Recovery Vehicle

The CRV will cut your cleanup budget by 70%!
5 - Year Warranty!

One person on the aerifier, one person on the dump vehicle, and one person on the C.R.V. can complete any aerification project.  No one picks up a shovel!


The C.R.V. is a Dual Purpose Machine!  When it isn't picking up cores, the elevators, the waste container and waste conveyor can be removed in under an hour.  The CRV now becomes a 72" wide roller for greens, approaches, fairways and sports fields.  With Three Floating Rolls and 100% drive to all rolls, the CRV is more than capable to roll the most challenging surfaces.


Two Elevators with floating guide blades clean & guide a 72" swath of cores to the elevators, which then carry the cores to the waste conveyor.


All controls are easily accessed from the drivers seat.  Toggle switches control the right & left elevator conveyors and the waste conveyor.  The control panel has a key ignition and throttle lever.  There are two handles on each side of the seat.  These will raise/lower the elevator conveyors.


Floating guide blades float over undualtions with ease, while cleaning a 72" wide swath of cores into the elevator conveyors which empty into the waste container.




The Waste Conveyor can be emptied into a waste vehicle or dumped on the fly into the waste cart.  Rotary Brush System and Arm Rest Seat are standard.


Click here to view the CRV in action.




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CRV Core Recovery Vehicle



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