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Electric Greens Roller, QC

Electric Greens Roller, QC
Two Electric Drive Motors, Might be Over-Kill, Salsco Would Rather be Safe than Sorry
Electric Greens Roller, QC Electric Greens Roller, QC Electric Greens Roller, QC Electric Greens Roller, QC Electric Greens Roller, QC Electric Greens Roller, QC


Now available with a 36V Lithium Battery!

The Electric Greens Roller, QC is the result of years of testing and product improvement. Both rolls are driven, each with its own heavy duty gear box and electric motor. There is easy access to all electrical computations with a self-diagnostic controller.  The QC has a removeable battery pack.  Even though you can roll 18 average size greens on one charge, the extra set of batteries provides a security blanket, preventing you from ever running out of power.  The speed is variable, up to 11.9 Miles Per Hour.

The Salsco EGR, Electric Greens Roller is now available with one 36V Lithium Battery Option.  The Lithium Battery is lighter which will decrease the P.S.I. ground pressure substantially.  It requires no maintenance and the projected life span is 10 Years!  After rolling 18 standard size greens, there's 30% - 40% power left.


Standard Features Include:
  • 5 - Year Warranty
  • Dual Drive Oscillating Rolls for Positive Traction
  • Articulating Steering
  • Automotive Type Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Forward/Reverse Seat Slide
  • LED Light Kit
  • P.S.I. EGR, QC (with Trojan Batteries) = 9.7 without water added to the rolls, 11.1 with water added to the rolls
  • P.S.I. EGR (with Lithium Battery) = 7.6 without water added to the rolls, 9.0 with water added to the rolls

Load & Go Guidance Rails make it a breeze to load the roller on the  trailer.  Nothing to adjust, unlock or lock.  Simply drive off the green, drive up the tailgate ramp into the trailer, turn off electricity, engage the Lock & Latch, get off the roller,  raise the lock/latch tailgate, and drive to the next green. Just as easy and fast in the reverse when arriving at the next green.  A full heavy duty rubber mat is standard on both the tailgate and the trailer box.  A swivel jack stand with a caster wheel is mounted to the trailer frame.  It's also a great piece of equipment to use around the golf course when not being used with the roller.



ACCESSORIES: (All these accessories for the QC can be ordered when ordering your new Roller, or they can be  purchased and shipped separately for use with units already in the field!)

The QC Electric Greens Roller features a Removable Battery Pack!  When batteries need to be re-charged, the Battery Tray Cart easily rolls into place under the battery tray.  Un-latch the tray and lock it into place on the cart, to transport the discharged battery pack to the Battery Tray Holder.  Plug in the charger to the Battery Tray and use the Battery Tray Mover to transport the charged Battery Pack to replace the removed Battery Pack in the QC.

OPTIONS: (All these options can be ordered factory installed when ordering your new Roller, or they can be Retro-Fit to units already in the field!)

TOP DRESSING BRUSH KIT - is easily installed and is perfect for brushing the sand into the green after top dressing, aeration, or over seeding.  There are two brushes installed on the frame on each side.  Brushes are easily replaced and are easily lifted up and secured to the roll housing when not being utilized.



TOURNAMENT ROLL KIT - The Tournament Roll Kit consists of two smaller diameter rolls, one on either side.  A bracket and handle assembly is installed on both sides.  The operator simply reaches to the side and either lowers the roll or raises it as needed.  Using the Tournament Rolls, allows the operator to double roll in one pass and achieve an increased ball speed in half the time.


SPIKE-AIR KIT - utilizes the same bracket and handle assembly as the Tournament Roll Kit.  There are 15-stars on each assembly, 1" apart and will insert slits into the green up to a depth of 1/2".  They are separated by hard foam washers to allow flexibility. Use the Spike-Air Kit to gently spike the green to allow water & oxygen penetration through the crust to the roots of the plant.


CROSS CONTAMINATION PREVENTION KIT - Includes Rotary Brush System on each roll, Guards, Greaseable Bearings and Continuous Belts and is not only designed to prevent cross contamination it will keep the rolls free from clippings.




Additional Options:  Lithium Battery, Arm Rest Seat Upgrade, Pedal Extentions

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..."I looked at all the competition and chose Salsco"...

"I was particularly prompted to purchase the Salsco, EGR, QC based on the quality of rolling, the fact that it was electric and the price.  I looked at all the competition and chose Salsco.  The EGR, QC performs as expected, and suits my needs as I was told." Westfield Group C.C., Westfield Center, OH

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