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Greens Roller - Gas Powered Model 09065

Greens Roller - Gas Powered Model 09065
13HP Honda, Electric Start Engine with Cooling Fan.
Greens Roller - Gas Powered Model 09065 Greens Roller - Gas Powered Model 09065 Greens Roller - Gas Powered Model 09065 Greens Roller - Gas Powered Model 09065 Greens Roller - Gas Powered Model 09065 Greens Roller - Gas Powered Model 09065

Model 09065 Gas Roller
5 - Year Limited Warranty!

Increase the speed of your greens by 1-1/2 feet or more, without compaction, without changing undulations, and without burn marks from slipping.   With two steel, 10-3/4" Oscillating Rolls both driven for positive traction and Articulated Steering, Salsco rollers have proven to be an invaluable tool for many golf courses around the world.  The transport trailer comes standard with Model 09065 and is equipped with turf tires that protect the turf. The extra-long tailgate with a 1/4" thick full-traction mat and easy load guides mean easy on and off.

Model 09065 is powered by a 13HP Honda, electric start engine with a cooling fan.  The engine is sized to the demands for the product, with no wasted horsepower.  This limits our green footprint!  Vibration is kept to a minimum by the use of rubber grommets and using the proper size engine!


  • Dual Drive Oscillating Rolls for Positive Traction
  • Articulating Steering
  • Automotive Type Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Forward/Reverse Seat Slide
  • P.S.I. = 4.2 without water added to the rolls, 5.6 with water added to the rolls


Load & Go Guidance Rails make it a breeze to load the roller onto the trailer.  Nothing to adjust, unlock or lock.  Simply drive off the green, drive up the tailgate ramp onto the trailer, turn off the engine, get off the roller, raise the lock/latch tailgate, and drive to the next green. 
Just as easy and fast in reverse when arriving at the next green.  A full heavy duty rubber mat is standard on both the tailgate and the trailer box.  A swivel jack stand with a caster wheel is mounted to the trailer frame.  It's also a great piece of equipment to use around the golf course when not being used with the roller.


OPTIONS: (All of these options can be retro-fit to units already in the field)

LED LIGHT KIT - Roll the greens before the sun comes up and after dusk, so as not to disturb play.  When installed on a unit with the 8HP Honda, Pull Start Engine, the battery will need to be charged.  When installed on a unit with the 13HP Honda, Electric Start, the battery gets its charge from the engine.


TOP DRESSING BRUSH KIT - is easily installed and is perfect for brushing the sand into the green after top dressing, aeration, or over seeding.  There are two brushes installed on the frame on each side.  Brushes are easily replaced and are easily lifted up and secured to the roll housing when not being utilized. (Pictured with net guards when using the unit on clay tennis courts.)


TOURNAMENT ROLL KIT - consists of two smaller diameter rolls, one on either side.  A bracket and handle assembly is installed on both sides.  The operator simply reaches to the side and either lowers the roll or raises it as needed.  Using the Tournament Rolls, allows the operator to double roll in one pass and achieve an increased ball speed in half the time.


SPIKE-AIR KIT - utilizes the same bracket and handle assembly as the Tournament Roll Kit.  There are 15-stars on each assembly, 1" apart and will insert slits into the green up to a depth of 1/2".  They are separated by hard foam washers to allow flexibility. Use the Spike-Air Kit to gently spike the green to allow water and oxygen penetration through the crust to the roots of the plant.


ADDITIONAL OPTIONS:  Cross Contamination Prevention Kit,
Arm Rest Seat Upgrade, Pedal Extensions

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..."has been a reliable & almost maintenance free roller since 2002"...

"Our Salsco Roller was already part of the maintenance fleet at Chautauqua Golf Club when I arrived here in 2002.  I didn't know it at the time, but it is the third Greens Roller ever made by Salsco, and is now 19 years old.  While it hasn't been an every day tool for us, it is used extensively on our 36 holes and a lawn bowling green and has been a reliable and almost maintenance free roller since 2002.  I am very happy with it and will consider another Salsco when I begin looking for a replacement some time down the road." Chautauqua Club, Chautauqua, NY



..."quality and workmanship are outstanding, built in the USA"...

"We did demo many models but like the Salsco the best.  We are very happy with our greens roller and it has performed well.  The quality and workmanship are outstanding and we like the fact it is built in the USA." The Medallion Club, Centerburg, OH



..."delighted with the speed and smoothness of the greens"...

"I have been working as a Superintendent for the past 25 years at four golf courses, three of them in Argentina (C. Náutico S.I., Buenos Aires G.C. and Las Praderas G.C.). Since 2006 I am working here at Los Inkas G.C. in Lima, Perú. At Las Praderas G.C. I had a Salsco Roller that was of great help to improve the speed on the bentgrass greens I had there.  When I arrived here, they used the three units of rollers with a Toro triplex and it didn´t perform as good I was used to.  For the preparation for the 2010 and 2011 Perú Open we rent a Salsco Roller from the Lima G.C. and the members were delighted with the speed and smoothness of the greens (me too), so we decided to purchase one of them.  Some of the members of the Greens Committee tried to convince me for buying a TruTurf roller, but my experience with Salsco roller prevailed, and now they know that I was right. That´s why we bought it.  Best regards." Alejandro Young, Superintendente de Campo, Los Inkas Golf Club, Lima, Peru

..."best on the market"...

"I have used this machine at previous courses.  Best on the market." Morris Country Clb, Morris, IL





..."The Salsco Roller is excellent."...

"We already have two and we're buying two more!  The Salsco Roller is excellent." Quail Creek Country Club, Naples, FL


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