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HP11-III Roller

HP11-III Roller
100% Roll to Ground Contact Which Assures Traction Without Slipping
HP11-III Roller HP11-III Roller HP11-III Roller HP11-III Roller HP11-III Roller HP11-III Roller

Model HP11-III - Roller
73" Rolling Swath!
Greens - Approaches - Fairways

Three Driven Rolls that oscillate and articulate guarantee 100% roll to ground contact which assures traction without slipping. The HP11-III travels over the ground following the undulations designed into the turf and smooths the surface without changing it. The almost 11MPH ground speed and 73” rolling width makes it a machine that is hard to beat.  With all three rolls on the HP11-III independently powered, traction up slopes and banks is exceptional in wet or dry conditions.

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 13HP Honda Electric Start Engine
  • 12 Volt Battery
  • 6 gallon, CARB approved fuel tank
  • Engine cooling fan
  • Roll housings articulate at different degrees of travel, which allows turning without bruising
  • All three rolls drive and float independently which allows for 100% roll to ground contact
  • Transport trailer is standard
  • P.S.I. = 7.0 without water added to the rolls, 9.2 with water added to the rolls

OPTIONS: (All of these options can be retrofit to units already in the field)

  • Rotary Brush System
  • Top Dressing Brush Kit
  • LED Light Kit
  • Arm Rest Seat
  • *NEW* Deflector Step for Transport Trailer - This option helps to prevent damage to the tires when the operator towing the trailer accidentally runs into an obstacle.  




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"This Salsco roller (Hp11-III) is unbelievable. Only took this guy 4 minutes from trailer to trailer to roll a 4,000 sq ft green, his first time operating it.  Impossible to leave burn outs on change of direction. Roller brushes leave clean finish, greens top dressed two days ago." Michael Goldsberry, Golf Course Superintendent at Wing Point Golf & Country Club, Bainbridge, WA


"Thank you Dave Melton and Smith Turf for our new Salsco HP11-III Roller. Can’t wait to try out the brush attachments when we aerate next week, but today I just rolled in our topdress. In 2 hours. This changes things a lot!" Allen Hobbs, Golf Course Superintendent, The Princess Anne Country Club, Virginia Beach VA




“We got our new roller last week and I am thrilled at how it performs around our greens.  It is the “cherry on top” of the changes we have made to playability and members have already noticed.  I would not be surprised if it becomes one of your best selling rollers”. Mike Bremmer, GCS, Wisconsin Club, Milwaukee, WI



Woodcote Club at The Royal Automobile Club, UK

Salsco greens rollers a timesaver for RAC (The Royal Automobile Club)

“A top golf venue has reduced greens rolling time by nearly a third

after investing in leading-edge machinery.”  (Reprint from an article by




"Our old greens roller vibrated a lot, dropped material and was slow.  Rolling was a two-man job - one riding the machine, the other following up to switch the green and pick up debris. The HP11-III completes the job in around three and a half hours, a full hour faster that our previous roller and requires only one man.  Rear brushes (Rotary Brush System Option) keep rollers clean, breaking up debris to prevent it dropping on the surface in clumps."

"The previous machine was okay but could end up stuck at the bottom of a slope, especially on dewy mornings.  The Salsco's surface traction is unbelievable and the roller tackles inclines with ease."

"The HP11-III is confortable and smooth in operation.  The powerful LED light on the roller lets us work later or earlier too." Royal Cinque Ports, Kent, UK


"Thank you Dave Melton and Smith Turf for our new Salsco HP11-III Roller. Can’t wait to try out the brush attachments when we aerate next week, but today I just rolled in our topdress. In 2 hours. This changes things a lot! Princess Anne Country Club, Virginia Beach, VA




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