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HP5.5 Roller

HP5.5 Roller
All Four Rolls are Driven which Eliminates any Chance of Slippage.
HP5.5 Roller HP5.5 Roller HP5.5 Roller HP5.5 Roller HP5.5 Roller HP5.5 Roller

5 - Year Limited Warranty!

The HP5.5 is another Greens Roller in a line of excellence in manufacturing.  From the ground up, the HP5.5 is different.  We machine the rolls to within two thousandths concentricity, so consistency is absolutely perfect.  All rolls are driven, so as to eliminate any chance of slippage.  We put drive sprockets on both ends of the rolls, so if it ever wears, simply flip the roll and you have a new drive.  Both rolls in the side frame are allowed to float over the terrain while giving a perfectly smooth surface.  Both side frames are allowed to float making the Salsco the best roller on the market today to handle undulations on any surface.



  • Quad Drive Oscillating Rolls for Positive Traction
  • Articulating Steering
  • Automotive Type Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Forward/Reverse Seat Slide
  • P.S.I. = 3.47


The Transport Trailer is standard equipment.  Easy to load and unload. Nothing to adjust, unlock or lock.  Simply drive off the green, drive up the tailgate ramp into the trailer, turn off the engine, get off the roller, raise the lock/latch tailgate, and drive to the next green.  Just as easy and fast in the reverse when arriving at the next green.  A full heavy duty rubber mat is standard on both the tailgate and the trailer box.  A swivel jack stand with a caster wheel is mounted to the trailer frame.  It's also a great piece of equipment to use around the golf course when not being used with the roller.


OPTIONS: (All these options can be retro-fit to units in the field)

Inner Spike-Air Kit (pictured to the left) when used on the green will gently spike the green to allow water & oxygen penetration through the crust to the roots of the plant.
Top Dressing Brush Kit
LED Light Kit
Scraper Kit
Arm Rest Seat
Pedal Extensions

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..."I considered almost all the other rollers on the market, and purchased Salsco"...

"We purchased two HP5.5 Gas Greens Rollers after seeing them at the Golf Course Show in Orlando, FL.  All my questions were answered completely, by both Salsco and our dealer.  I was particularly prompted to purchase the HP5.5's because I liked the four rolls and the lighter weight.  I considered almost all the other rollers on the market, and purchased Salsco." Westwood Country Club, Rocky River, OH


..."the quality and the Inner Spike Air Kit are its' best features."...

"What prompted me to purchase the Salsco HP5.5, was the small rolls, the Inner Spike Air roll and The Name, Salsco.  The quality and the Inner Spike Air Kit are its' best features." Canterbury Golf Club, Beachwood, OH






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