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HP11 Roller

HP11 Roller
Inclines are No Problem for the HP11
HP11 Roller HP11 Roller HP11 Roller HP11 Roller HP11 Roller HP11 Roller

5 - Year Limited Warranty!

We took the #1 Greens Roller in the world and made it better!  We gave it a high performance hydraulic pump, which is where it gets its speed.  Up to 11.9 Miles Per Hour! We doubled the steering ratio, and made our roller feel like a sports car.  We used larger bearings on the roll housings to increase the life of the rolls.  We machine 100% of the rolls outside dimension.  Consistency is no longer a concern.  Put these new features together with a proven machine and you have one of the finest rollers on the market today.


  • Dual Drive Oscillating Rolls for Positive Traction
  • Articulating Steering
  • Automotive Type Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Forward/Reverse Seat Slide
  • P.S.I = 4.2 without water added to the rolls, 5.6 with water added to the rolls
  • Transport Trailer

Load & Go Guidance Rails make it a breeze to load the roller on the  trailer.  Nothing to adjust, unlock or lock.  Simply drive off the green, drive up the tailgate ramp into the trailer, turn off the engine, get off the roller, raise the lock/latch tailgate, and drive to the next green.  Just as easy and fast in the reverse when arriving at the next green.  A full heavy duty rubber mat is standard on both the tailgate and the trailer box.  A swivel jack stand with a caster wheel is mounted to the trailer frame.  It's also a great piece of equipment to use around the golf course when not being used with the roller.


  • LED Light Kit
  • Top Dressing Brush Kit
  • Inner Spike-Air Kit
  • Tournament Roll Kit
  • Cross Contamination Prevention Kit
  • Arm Rest Seat Upgrade
  • Pedal Extensions

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...we are very pleased with the quality and smooth operation...

"Thank you for your follow up on our short meeting at the trade show.  Hector Turf contacted me shortly after and I purchased your Salsco Roller with the Spike/Air kit.  It was delivered on time and we are very pleased with the quality and smooth operation it gives us.  Now having 3 Salsco's for 27 holes, it is a snap to roll all 3 courses in a timely manner that provide superior playing conditions.  Once again thank you for your attention to detail in following up on our talk." Joel, Atlantis Golf Club, Atlantis, FL


."I can honestly say that I have never serviced and operated such a user friendly piece of equipment like Salsco Rollers"....

"I had used Salsco Greens Rollers previously at other golf courses.  This year we purchased 2 new Salsco, Model HP11 Rollers.  I have been in the golf course industry for almost ten years and I have serviced and operated anything from attachment rollers that go on mowing equipment to ride-on rollers like Salsco's and I can honestly say that I have never serviced and operated such a user friendly piece of equipment like Salsco Rollers.  When it comes to offering the best true rolling surface on a green for an amature or even a professional golfer that's looking for that extra foot ot two when it comes to putting for speed, Salsco gets the job done.  Recently we had a shotgun to prepare for and thanks on the increase of speed on the HP11, it gave us the ability to double roll the greens.  The rollers also work great for preparing any surface on a golf course (tees, collars, fairways, etc.) that is being resodded or sprigged.  We are going to be undergoing some major renovations as well as adding a nursering green and a short game facility (chipping green/training facility) so these rollers are going to play a major role on achieving our goals this summer." Fernando, Kelly Greens Country Club, Fort Myers, FL


...."we are very pleased, the HP11 is straight forward and easy to work on...

After talking with Sal, I decided that we needed to see these rollers.  Once we saw and tried them we knew this is what we wanted.  Also, very reasonably priced.  The finish guality is really good.  We roll greens 4 times per week and rely on them heavily.  We have some tough areas so the 2 driven rollers work well.  Also, the brushes are a great option." Steve, Portland Country Club, Falmouth, ME


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