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STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller

STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller
Rolling Swath is 15'.
STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller

STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller
Fairways, Sports Fields, etc.
15' Rolling Swath

The STR-180 is designed for maximum coverage with a 15’ wide rolling swath.  Great for fairways, sports fields and any large area that would benefit from rolling.  Rolling early in the morning to remove dew has been proven to eliminate more than 95% of dollar spot, without the use of chemicals.  Sports fields can reduce injury by smoothing the field and removing divots.

Each roll pivots and floats independently from the frame. This allows for 100% continuous contact with the turf. The STR-180 will easily handle all uneven turf and undulations.

Each roll can be filled with up to 100 lbs. of water.  As with all Salsco rollers, the rolls are machined to within two thousandths of an inch concentricity.  Each of the rolls have extra-large tapered edges to prevent marking of the turf.

You can be assured that the STR-180 has the quality finish you have come to expect from Salsco.  Standard Features Include:

  • Five (5) 10-3/4” Diameter x 40” Long Beveled Steel Rolls
  • Each Roll Pivots and Each Roll Floats
  • 100 lbs. of Water can be Added to Each Roll
  • P.S.I. Without Water - Approximately 6.6
  • P.S.I. With Water - Approximately 8.3
  • Tractor Radio Control is Standard and is Wirelessly Controlled from a Handheld Transmitter
  • Hydraulic Operated Hitch Allows the Unit to Float Independent of the Tow Vehicle
  • Three Position Adjustable Height Hitch
  • 2” Pin Farm Type Coupler


  • POWER PACK - Includes 13HP Honda Engine, Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Filter, Hoses and Hydraulic Tank with Mounting Brackets. This option allows the STR-180 to be self-sufficient and can function while being towed by any vehicle.
  • HEAVY DUTY CROSS CONTAMINATION PREVENTION KIT - Includes Rotary Brush System on each roll, Guards, Greaseable Bearings and Continuous Belts and is not only designed to prevent cross contamination it will keep the rolls free from clippings.
  • SPIKE-AIR KIT - Includes Heavy Duty Spiker Frames on each roll, Rubber Enclosed Shafts, 39 Heat Treated Blades on 1" centers to extend the life of the blade, and Rubber Washers between the blades.  Each blade rides on rubber and has rubber between the blades.  The rubber extends the life of the blades and allows the blade to deflect around objects and turn while being towed.  Spike-Air Rolls are easily engaged by unlocking the lever on the frame which lowers the Spike-Air Roll to the surface.

  • LED LIGHT KIT - Includes two lights mounted on either side of the Tractor Control Box.  





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