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Tranz-Former Roller, EHA 5-G

Tranz-Former Roller, EHA 5-G
All Three Rolls are Driven for Positive Traction. LED Light Kit is Standard. Cool Top Optional.
Tranz-Former Roller, EHA 5-G Tranz-Former Roller, EHA 5-G Tranz-Former Roller, EHA 5-G Tranz-Former Roller, EHA 5-G Tranz-Former Roller, EHA 5-G Tranz-Former Roller, EHA 5-G

A Roller for the 21st Century!

Greens - Approaches - Fairways - Sports Fields

  • On golf course greens, we smooth the surface without changing the undulations designed into the green witout creasing.
  • On fairways we greatly reduce dollar spot, smooth the surface, and allow mowing to be reduced almost in half.  Some courses have extended their fairway mower leases by 1 to even 2 years, due to saving hours of mowing by rolling instead.
  • Sports field operators report that rolling before each event has improved the playing surface in the following ways:  Smoothness, divots are gone!  With the raised divots from the players shoes gone, so is the chance of tripping on them.
  • Some sports field operators feel as though rolling with the Tranz-Former has lessened the chance of injury by a very high percentage.

    Standard Features


    (3) Articulating & Driven Rolls, Can be Filled with Water for Extra weight.

    (2) 6 Gallon, CARB Approved Fuel Canisters




    37HP Briggs & Stratton, E.F.I. Electric Start Engine

    15 Gallon Hydraulic Tank




    14" Tilt Adjustable, Automotive Type Steering Wheel

    18.5" x 8.5", 6 Ply Turf Tires




    Adjustable Cruise Control

    (6) Double Action, Electric Hydraulic Cylinders




    Hydrostatic Steering System Rolling Swath = 10'


    2,400 lbs

    Cross Contamination Prevention Kit

    Air Ride, Adjustable Arm Rest Seat

    LED Light Kit

    Rear View Mirrors



    10.0 without water added to the rolls

    11.8 with water added to the rolls

OPTIONS: Rear Wheel Extender Kit, Cool Top With Fan, Cool Top Without Fan, Pedal Extensions


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“We were able to roll all of my greens this morning in 1 hour and 50 minutes!  Game changer!” Todd Leist, Superintendent, Vaaler Creek Golf Club, Blanco, TX


“We absolutely love our Salsco Tranz-Former. We’re rolling greens right now as we speak. It takes us about 2 hours to roll 19 greens. We’re thinking of buying another Tranz-Former soon because then we would be able to do the entire golf course in one day. This is one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. And, Sal has been great to us. Anytime we have a question or need anything he takes care of us right away.” Joe Lee, Superintendent.  Back Creek Golf Club, DE

"I have been hesitant to buy a side to side roller, as my huge greens made them impractical.  The Tranz-Former roller eliminates that problem, and has increased green speed over my current vibratory roller.  We will be using the Tranz-Former primarily on greens and approaches.  Because of my large greens on a large piece of property, the best feature of this machine is its' size and speed.  I can roll my 12,000' first green, including the approach in 3-4 minutes!" John Carlone, CGCS, Meadow Brook Club, Jericho, NY

"Read All About It"  "On A Roll"
What's good for greens has got to be good for fairways, right?  Merion GC's Matt Shaffer experiments with fairway rolling to reduce turf stress and improve overall health.
"Read All About It"  "One Sleek Machine"
Click to read an excerpt from the U.S. Open Memoir Feature Article in the July 2012 issue of Superintendent Magazine.

A prior article in GCI discussed fairway rolling and Matt Shaffer's being a pioneer in that area.  So it is only natural to ask Matt his opinion of them and how they came into play leading up to and during the US Open. "The Salsco fairway rollers proved to be extremely valuable not only to help with firmess but also as a squeegee for drying out landing zones. Not an agronomic practice that most would embrace but during a championship where you are trying to avoid mud balls it works to perfection.  If we hadn't rolled there would have been many mows that would have been missed but we never skipped one mowing and we never had a single scalp", reported Matt."

Salsco Rollers in action at the U.S. Open, 2013 Merion Golf Club


Tranz-Former & Roll-N-Go Stimpmeter Test at a Sports Complex


Brigham Young University Testimonial of their Tranz-Former Roller


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A very special thanks to Clubs & Sports Fields listed below for allowing Salsco to roll their Greens, Approaches, Fairways & Sports Fields with the Tranz-Former Roller.  Click on the buttons below to view the video and the results obtained.


Pawleys Plantation, Pawley Island, SC


Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Kiawah, SC


Paramus Country Club, Paramus, NJ


The Bridge Club, Bridgehampton, NY


Merion Golf Club, Ardmore, PA


Kinloch Golf Club, Manakin Sabot, VA


The Olympic Club, San Francisco, CA


Barefoot Golf Club,


Glen Oaks Country Club, Glen Ellyn, IL


Fort Wayne C.C., Fort Wayne, IN


Briar's Creek, John's Island, SC


Concord Country Club, Concord, NH