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Konstant Cut & Kleen
Hy-Production Self Cleaning, Cutting Tables

Salsco manufactures 38 different models of machines that we market in seven different industries.  We have three plasma machines that run 4 -1/2, 10 hour days a week, 50 weeks a year.

Every day, it seemed we were having to stop a job looking for a lost part.  It seemed that the small parts would fall through the slats in the cutting table.  The parts the operator found were peppered with slag and needed excessive cleaning.  The parts he didn't find, showed up later as missing parts.

The missing parts set in motion what can only be described as cash flow out the door.

The welder calls the Supervisor looking for the part. The Supervisor looks but can't find it, of course, because by now it's under the slag in the table.  The welder is instructed to start another weldment while the Supervisor goes to Engineering to get the missing part to be downloaded to the plasma machine.

The plasma operator stops to cut the needed part which then goes to the machine shop.  Another interruption in the flow of production.

Each missing part has a conservative value of $300 and if this only happened a couple of times a week, we were lucky.  This chain of events prompted us to design the Konstant Cut & Kleen table.  This table addresses all of the problems we saw with the plasma.  It has a dual down draft chambered air removable design.  It also has water to keep the parts that fall onto the table, cool and free from torch spatter.

It has a continuous conveyor belt which removes all parts and cutting spatter, keeping the inside clean of any waste.  It has special design plates that cause even the smallest particle or part to find its way out and onto the waste tray.

We have also designed this product with a modular design so it can ship without requiring special trucking permits or shipping charges.

"In 1800 hours of operation we have not lost one part or one man hour on table cleaning."
Sal Rizzo, President, SALSCO, INC.

(Click on the picture above to view a video the of Konstant Cut & Kleen)

  • Combines the best of a water table and zone dual side draft
    dry table designs.
  • No need to stop the cut process like dozer blade designs to clean.
    Cut parts, exit instantly.
  • Eliminates lost small parts in deep water & slag spattered parts
    with a dry table.
  • Removes even the smallest particulates via conveyor dump into
    the parts bin.
  • Parts are cool to the touch in the parts bin, and free of cutting
    spatter to remove.
  • Zoned dual side draft captures residual smoke.  Conveyor rides in a shallow stainless steel water tray.
  • Removable, easy to handle, slat trays for quick change cleaning with fresh trays.
  • Hi-Definition plasma cut edge quality best on dry table, here water only covers low running conveyor.


  • Q:  This is both a dual side draft and water table.  Will the water cause staining issues on Aluminum & Stainless small parts that drop through the slats?
  • A: No, it should not, as these small parts exit off the conveyor into the parts tray immediately to be wiped dry, then proceed to production or storage.
  • Q:  How easy is it to maintain the mechanical moving system components?
  • A:  The conveyor ends with the drive system and zerk grease fittings are at chest height.  Roller bearing blocks in the water, are permanently sealed and lubed for life.  Zoned air damper cylinder access is behind easily removed external access cosmetic covers.
  • Q:  Is it possible to cut Aluminum without any safety concerns I've read about with water?
  • A:  This should pose no issue as the water tray is very shallow, and well below material slat level, with large dual side draft dampers in between, to evacuate all the cutting fumes out of the table instantly.

Cleaning the Plasma Table while simultaneously cutting?

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