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Shavings Equipment

Shavings Equipment
12" PTO Shaving Mill
Shavings Equipment Shavings Equipment Shavings Equipment Shavings Equipment Shavings Equipment Shavings Equipment

Shavings Mills & Shavings Processing Equipment

Salsco shavings mills are built tough and will perform for years to come with proper and consistent maintenance.  All size boxes are constructed of 1/4" x 1/2" thick steel walls and are completely re-enforced with steel channel beams!  All frames are constructed of 8" I-Beam with continuous welds and cross beams for added strength!  All adjusting shafts have pusher screws to keep shafts aligned!

The best production is obtained by utilizing full size, green soft wood logs cut to 8' lengths.  Bark is no problem. Keep the box full, and be sure to fill the box so that there is very little space between the logs.  This ensures that there will constantly be material against the full length of the cutter shaft.

  • All cutter shafts are specially designed to cut in both directions & remove shavings throughout the cut!
  • All models utilize hardened, razor backed, cutter knives!
  • All models have safety stop switches to prevent over travel of the wood box!
  • All models utilize a directional control mechanism!
  • All units are equipped with emergency stop switches!

Auto Direction Control Mechanism


Emergency Stop Switch


Safety Switch to Prevent

Over Travel

Salsco has a Shavings Mill to fit your particular needs!

  • Diesel, Gas, Electric, or PTO!
  • Portable or Stationary!
  • Conveyor Drop or With a Blower!
  • 9 Cubic Yards Per Hour - 50 Cubic Yards Per Hour!
  • Shavings Re-Sizer!
  • Conveyors!

Shavings can be conveyored directly from underneath the Shavings Mill and processed through the Shavings Re-Sizer to reduce the size of the shavings to suit your needs.  The size of the shavings can be very easily adjusted by either adding flail blades to the Re-Sizer shaft or adjusting the speed of the shaft.  Conveyors can be 15" or 25" wide, and can be anywhere from 10' long to whatever length required.


Shavings directly from the mill.


Shavings after being processed
through the Re-Sizer

Click on the links below to view Salsco Shavings Mills and Shavings Processing Equipment in operation.


Salsco 12" PTO Shavings Mill


Salsco 30" & 60" Shavings Mills


Salsco 30" Shavings Mill


Salsco 40" Shavings Mill, Shavings Re-Sizer and Conveyors





Shavings Processing Equipment

Salsco Shavings Mills out for delivery and set up

Salsco Shavings before and after going through the Salsco Shavings Re-Sizer

Salsco 30" Shavings Mill set up with Conveyors and Re-Sizer

Salsco 60" Shavings Mill, diesel powered, conveyor drop unit

Slab Chippers - Saw Dust Producing Machines

Introduced in 2011, the Salsco Shavings Dryer.  Dry shavings with ambient air for a fraction of the cost of Shavings Dryers on the market today.

Salsco 60" Shavings Mill with extra wide Conveyor System