Salsco - Over 30 Years of Quality and Service

Slab Chippers

Slab Chippers
Model SC-12, 63HP Mitsubishi Diesel Engine
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MODEL SC-6, 37HP EFI, Briggs & Stratton Gas Engine or 30HP Electric Motor

MODEL SC-12, 74HP Hatz, 74.3hp Kubota, or 75hp Electric Motor


Upper and Lower Feed Rolls grip the wood to ensure positive feed rate.  This coupled with variable speed allows the operator to change particle size from a sawdust product to a biomass chip for outside furnaces.


The shavings system is a High Speed Rotor with 12, 4" x 1/2" thick, double sided blades strategically staggered for optimal performance and blade life. Speed Sensing is Standard, and monitors the RPM of the rotor and stops the feed when the rotor slows down.


The SC-6 and the SC-12 sawdust producing machines were designed to fit into a sawmill operation.  It will process your slabs as they come off the mill into either Sawdust for livestock bedding or Biomass Material for outside chip burners, simply by changing the rate of feed.


Owners are reporting an average blade life of up to 120 hours of use before the blades need to be sharpened. Changing blades is very easy, and in most cases it can be done in less than an hour.



Salsco Shaving Mills utilize hardened razor-backed cutter knives which provide hours of operation in between sharpenings, depending on the materials being shaved.  The cutter shaft on the Salsco Shavings Mills is specially designed to cut in both directions and remove shavings throughout the cut. Mills are fully automatic, with sensors to prevent over-travel of the wood box.  From the smallest mill to the largest, built tough to provide years of continuous service.

Salsco Shaving Mills out for delivery and set up

Salsco Shavings before and after going through the Salsco Shavings Re-Sizer

Salsco 30" Shaving Mill set up with Conveyors and Re-Sizer

Salsco 60" Shaving Mill, diesel powered, conveyor drop unit

Introduced in 2011, the Salsco Shavings Dryer.  Dry shavings with ambient air for a fraction of the cost of Shavings Dryers on the market today

Salsco 30" Shaving Mill.  All in a days work!  Well, maybe more than 1 day

Salsco 60" Shaving Mill with extra wide Conveyor System