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Slab Chippers

Slab Chippers
Model SC-12, 74.5HP Hatz Diesel Engine
Slab Chippers Slab Chippers Slab Chippers Slab Chippers Slab Chippers Slab Chippers


Model SC-12
Model SC-18
12 Blades - 1/2" Thick 18 Blades - 5/8" Thick
4" x 24" Infeed Opening 6.5" x 24" Infeed Opening
2 Upper Feed Rolls & 1 Lower Feed Roll 
3 Upper Feed Rolls & 2 Lower Feed Rolls
74.5HP Hatz Diesel 120HP Perkins Diesel Engine


Upper and Lower Feed Rolls grip the wood to ensure a positive feed rate. This coupled with variable speed allows the operator to change particle size from a sawdust product to a biomass chip for outside furnaces.


The shavings system is a High Speed Rotor with 1/2" or 5/8" thick blades, depnding on which model, strategically staggered for optimal performance and blade life. Speed Sensing is Standard, and monitors the RPM of the rotor and stops the feed when the rotor slows down.


The SC-12 and the SC-18 sawdust producing machines were designed to fit into a sawmill operation.  It will process your slabs as they come off the mill into either Sawdust for livestock bedding or Biomass Material for outside chip burners, simply by changing the rate of feed.

Owners are reporting an average blade life of up to 120 hours of use before the blades need to be sharpened. Changing blades is very easy, and in most cases it can be done in less than an hour.



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