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  • Rolling turf early in the morning has been proven to eliminate more than 95% of dollar spot, without the use of chemicals.
  • Sports fields operators report that rolling before each event has improved the playing surface by smoothing the surface and removing divots which lessens the chance of injury by a very high percentage.
  • Core aeration has been proven to greatly increase the health of the turf.  Removing the cores from the turf is a very time consuming and labor intensive job.  The CRV Core Recovery Vehicle, greatly reduces the amount of time and labor to remove the cores, as well as the amount of time it takes for the turf to recover.  Another great benefit of the CRV Core Recovery Vehicle is that it rolls the turf while it's removing the cores, and it can be converted to a 72" swath roller as well.

STR-180 Tow Behind Turf Roller


Tranz-Former, 5G