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Merion Maintenance Facility is well prepared to roll!  The staff at Merion had (4) Tranz-Formers, (4) Roll-N-Go’s, and (4) standard rollers at their disposal.

What do you do when you have 7-1/2" of water during the U.S. Open?

Rolling in the dark?  Turn on the lights.

A few of the hundreds of volunteers at the open.

Matt Shaffer, Salsco Tranz-Former Testimonial

Testimonial provided by Matt Shaffer, Director of Golf Course Operations, Merion Golf Club, Ardmore, PA


"We had dollar spot and it was bad, and I don't like to spray. As soon as we started to roll fairways, our dollar spot pressure and brown patch pressure went away."

"We only sprayed three times this summer, and I’ve got to tell you, one time was out of shear paranoia."


"Saves labor and reduces operating hours on our mowing equipment."




"Makes for tighter lies, and makes for firmer surfaces."


"The same quality that's on our greens has transcended right down into our approaches and fairways."


"Easy to run, they are actually easier to run then a fairway unit."



"So much simpler, just travel up to the green, raise the wheels up,

put the rolls down and you're gone."


"Sal has the ability to build equipment that's heavy and is built well."

Tranz-Former Roller

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