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Model 818XT Chipper in Action

18" High x 24" Wide at the Infeed

Enormous Crush Power!

While dual feed rolls is standard a Quad Feed Roll Option is available.  This is a very heavy duty built machine and designed to chip up 18" branches all day, every day with minimum down time.  At an infeed rate of up to 103 feet per minute, your crew will have a hard time keeping up with it.  All the standard features on this machine are built in to provide the user with a unit that's easy to maintain, safe to operate and ready to go!


The SSS Salsco Safety Shield Option is a safety system that vastly improves wood chipping safety.   Proactively and effectively preventing wood chipper injury by immediately shutting down the chippers's infeed system when an operator enters a defined hazard zone.  (Click on the link at the bottom of the page to view & download the SSS Salsco Safety Shield brochure)




The Hydraulic Lift Option with Crush Cylinders greatly improves the processing of large 18" branches and reduces wear and tear on both the 818XT and the operator.  Pull the lever on the infeed and the top feed roll is raised so that the branch can be loaded directly under the feed roll.  Lower the lever on the branch and the feed roll will pull in and crush the branch.  A great time & labor saver!








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