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Shavings Processing Equipment


Golf Course Equipment


Wood Chippers, PTO & Engine Driven


Hay Silage Equipment


Paving & Curbing Equipment


Landscape & Grounds Maintenance


Chipper Shredder Vacuums

Model 600PTO Chipper - Testimonials

..."saw a youtube video and the guy looked like he liked it"...researched chippers on the internet and found Salsco through a chat room discussion.  Resharpenable blades, adjustable legs, great paint, handle on intake (for removal for maintenance). Harold, Heflin, AL

..."on a scale of 1 through 10, it rates a 10!"...

"The salesman was honest about promoting the chippers performance.  On a scale of 1 through 10, it rates a 10!  The feed is aggressive and my Kubota 2200 has plenty of power.  Kudos on a great design and excellent workmanship."  Erwin, Balloon Rides by Castle View LLC, Cheshire, CT


..."very rugged, I have many trouble free hours on it"...

"The Model 600 is a very rugged chipper, and I have many hours on it in my woodlot.....trouble free.  Nice product, I recommend it to all the folks on TRACTOR BY NET." Alan, Chesterville, ME


..."prompted to purchase the 600PTO based on size, quality and built in the USA"...

"Exceeds expectations!  Built like a tank.  Seems to be designed to work hard.  I was prompted to purchase the 600PTO based on size, quality and built in the USA. David, East Otis, MA


..."I can't keep up to feeding it"...

"I've never jammed it yet!  I can't keep up to feeding it, even with prepped piles." Susan, Lloydminster, SSK, Canada


..."the 600PTO Chipper outperforms my expectation"...

"I was sold on this chipper from Internet comments buy those who had done “hands-on” comparision tests. I emailed my questions to Salsco and they responded quickly and with knowledgeable answers.   The 600 Chipper outperforms my expectations regarding cutting speed.  It has a simple, nice design combined with a solid build." Ed, Flower Mound, TX