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Industries Serviced by Salsco.
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Shavings Processing Equipment


Golf Course Equipment


Wood Chippers, PTO & Engine Driven


Hay Silage Equipment


Paving & Curbing Equipment


Landscape & Grounds Maintenance


Chipper Shredder Vacuums

Model 810M Chipper Testimonials

..."It performs excellently"... 

"The factory was very helpful.  Salsco was recommended by another dealer in New York.  It performs excellently." David, Brockport, NY


..."The chipper performs very well"...

"The dealer (Keats Equipment) was very helpful.  The chipper performs very well, and I am very satisfied." Mike, West Peterborough, NH


..."has a very solid performance"...

"I needed a machine to handle downed cedars and oak trees.  I called Austin Turf, the Salsco dealer and they answered all my questions completely.  I had considered a Vermeer, but after speaking with the Sales Representative at Austin Turf, I purchased the Salsco, Model 810M.  It definitely fit the bill, and has a very solid performance." Charles, Sun City Inc., Liberty Hill, TX



..."the unit more fuel efficient"...

"Salsco properly explained motor size for my purposes and type of unit to make the unit more fuel efficient.  Very good at chipping up to 8". 8-10" pieces go through better when cut to shorter lengths." Peter, Sharon, NH