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Shavings Processing Equipment


Golf Course Equipment


Wood Chippers, PTO & Engine Driven


Hay Silage Equipment


Paving & Curbing Equipment


Landscape & Grounds Maintenance


Chipper Shredder Vacuums

Model 824PTO Chipper Testimonials

..."A work of art is a joy forever!...

My 824 exceeds all my expectations. I had slash piles, which took me 1-hour each to chip with my old Patu. My 824 took care of them in 15 minutes each. My arms and back thank you. I also want to say that Union Farm Equipment does an excellent job representing your products." Frederick, Georgetown, ME

..."Very impressed with build quality and attention to detail"....

"The machine performs as expected and then some!  Very impressed with build quality and attention to detail.  Before the sale I wanted to buy American products and this product fits the bill, in a nut shell I am very happy with the Salsco product!" John, Jacksonville, TX


...."We were surprised and happy by its' efficiency"....

"We saw your product at the National Logging and Forestry Show and it made a great impression on us.  We were surprised and happy by its' efficiency." Marcel, St-Damien-de-Buckland, QC, Canada


...It loves to eat wood!"....

"I watched trained sales people demo the machines first hand at the trade show (Expo, Richmond, VA). Seems to be very well made, smooth running, well painted, and good design features, and USA made! I am very happy; this chipper is a gem that exceeds my expectations with a level of fit and finish seldom found on competitive equipment. Impressive performance with no vibrations, massive thick flywheel and heavy-duty blades. It loves to eat wood!" James, Newlands Woodworks, Lynchburg, VA

...."Excellent sales representation.".... The machine performed as expected." Randy, Deweyville, UT


..."The Model 824PTO performs much better than I expected."... L.E., Illinois


..."The Model 824PTO Chipper has been great.".... We heat with wood and I chip the tops for mulch on our thirty acres of low bush blueberries." Tony & Marianne, Whitefield, ME


..."I particularly like the hydraulic feed and the overall quality of the Chipper."...

"I already had a 624PTO chipper so I checked on the Internet and went to the Salsco website to research their Chippers.  I liked the 824 Chipper and called Salsco.  The salesman answered all my questions.  I particularly like the hydraulic feed and the overall quality of the Chipper." Garry, Fairfield, CT.


..."It is safe and user friendly'...

"I like the 824 Chipper for its size and ease of use.  It is safe and user friendly. I especially like the fact that it is made in the USA.  It works even better than I expected.  I chipped a 30’ – 4” tree limb with quite a few branches.  It took the whole limb without cutting it down to a smaller size." Rob, Hillsboro, NH