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Shavings Processing Equipment


Golf Course Equipment


Wood Chippers, PTO & Engine Driven


Hay Silage Equipment


Paving & Curbing Equipment


Landscape & Grounds Maintenance


Chipper Shredder Vacuums

86 Series Chippers Testimonials

..."ease of operation and reliability"... 

“We looked at other units, and found that the pricing was the best in this size unit.  We own 5, 8625’s and they have met every goal they were purchased for.  The best features of these units is the ease of operation and reliability.  By towing a chipper behind a rear loading garbage truck, it allows us to collect brush and big limbs in one pass.” Tom, City of Danville, VA These units were painted "Safety Yellow" per the customers request.


..."good fuel economy"... 

"I spoke with the Salesman from Salsco at the Connecticut Tree Protection Association meeting.  He answered all my questions, throughly.  I was particularly impressed that the unit was made in Connecticut.  This unit meets my expectations very well.  It is light weight, and has good fuel economy." Petros, Hamden, CT (Model 8625)


..."What a great machine, it exceeds all my expectations"... 

"I was in need of a 6" Chipper, and my dealer (Chappell Tractor, NH) suggested the Salsco, Model 8625.  I looked at 2 other competitors units and decided on the Salsco.  What a great machine, it exceeds all my expectations.  The best features are the 2 speeds (slow and fast on the infeed handle) and the extra wide 12" opening." Jeffrey, Chickadee Hill Farm, Rowley, MA


..."it performs extremely well"...

Arthur Minot, called us from Vermont, and told us how much he appreciates his Model 8625, which he purchased from L.W. Greenwood, (Salsco Dealer in VT). He just wanted us to know how pleased he is with his chipper. He’s a mechanic himself, and says the workmanship on the 8625 is remarkable”, and “it performs extremely well”. “It is very nicely built.” He has a neighbor that owns a 627XT Chipper, who is extremely pleased with his chipper, that’s why he chose the Salsco unit.

..."clients are extremely pleased"...

" We were looking for a new chipper, and found that the belt drive units were not user friendly, your system is.  (Model 8635) The chipper performs beyond expectation, clients are extremely pleased" Mark, Latremouille Tool Sales & Rentals, Embrun, Canada


..."good quality machine"...

"I saw the Salsco 8635Y at the CTPA Trade Show and talked to the salesmen in the office.  I was pleased to be able to buy a good quality machine from a local company that has great customer service.  I have a tree service and am now looking for a larger capacity chipper to increase efficiency.  Naturally I am going back to Salsco." Emmett, Emmett Shutts Landscaping, Hamden, CT