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Industries Serviced by Salsco.
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Shavings Processing Equipment


Golf Course Equipment


Wood Chippers, PTO & Engine Driven


Hay Silage Equipment


Paving & Curbing Equipment


Landscape & Grounds Maintenance


Chipper Shredder Vacuums

Mini-Track Paver TP411 Testimonials

..."it works absolutely great..."

"I have put it to work since my last email and it works absolutely great and I'm very...very pleased with it.  It is easy to transport and operate, and it's a really reliable machine.  I absolutely love this machine and it performs perfectly.  It allows me to increase the amount and scale of my work projects." Ilya Cherkasky, Petah-Tikva, Israel

..."efficient machine..."

"My Salsco Track Paver is a great little machine.  Its' durable manufacturing quality and accessibility to parts make it an efficient machine to use on all my sidewalk and trench jobs.  Also, considering the small crew it takes to run, and its' overall ease of operation, I know I'm getting maximum productivity whenever it's on the job." Charlie, Canton, MA

..."increase in productivity..."

"We love the machine and we can see an increase in productivity, efficiency and a better finished product than doing it by hand.  We only wish that we found Salsco sooner." Jon, Hawaii

..."seemed to work well"...

"I used the Salsco Track Paver to pave a 60' x 85' pad.  I used cold mix for this job and it seemed to work really well.  The pad looks great!  I have never paved anything before or had any experience whatsoever in paving, but it sure seemed to work well." K. Demuth, Canada