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Shavings Processing Equipment

Salsco Shavings before and after going through the Salsco Shavings Re-Sizer

Salsco 30" Shaving Mill set up with Conveyors and Re-Sizer

Salsco 60" Shaving Mill, diesel powered, conveyor drop unit

Introduced in 2011, the Salsco Shavings Dryer.  Dry shavings with ambient air for a fraction of the cost of Shavings Dryers on the market today

Salsco 30" Shaving Mill.  All in a days work!  Well, maybe more than 1 day

Salsco 60" Shaving Mill with extra wide Conveyor System

The Salsco 12" PTO Shaving Mill in action

Salsco has a Shavings Mill to fit your particular needs!

  • All models have safety stop switches to prevent over travel of the wood box!
  • All models utilize a directional control mechanism!
  • All size boxes are constructed of 1/4" x 1/2" thick steel walls and are completely re-enforced with steel channel beams!
  • All frames are constructed of 8" I-Beam, continuous welds & have cross beams!
  • All cutter shafts are specially designed to cut in both directions & remove shavings throughout the cut!
  • All adjusting shafts have pusher screws to keep shafts aligned!
  • All models utilize hardened, razor backed, cutter knives!

Auto Direction Control Mechanism


Emergency Stop Switch


Safety Switch to Prevent

Over Travel



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