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810PTO Chipper
10" Capacity, Hydraulic Feed


Model 810PTO Chipper is a single feed roll unit with an Extra Wide 18" x 10" High Opening at the Feed Roll.  Piles of brush, limbs and branches up to 10" round wood can be fed into this unit quickly and efficiently.  360º exhaust chute with adjustable chip deflector is standard equipment.

Safety Latch on the impeller, Safety Apron welded to the bottom of the infeed tray, Emergency Stop Buttons on either side of the infeed tray and a Safety Bar mounted on the outer edge of the infeed, which is accessible from both sides as well as the top of the infeed, are all safety features that are standard on Model 810PTO.

The 810PTO is a trailered unit, and can be towed over the road with the addition of the optional 6,000 lb. Torflex Axle with Electric Brakes and a LED light package.


OPTIONS INCLUDE:  (Click the Literature & Specifications link below to view all the options available)

Speed Sensing monitors the impeller R.P.M., and should the R.P.M. drop to a certain R.P.M., the infeed will stop and wait for the R.P.M.of the impeller to come up to full operating R.P.M., and then it will start feeding in the material.  An invaluable tool!




Hydraulic Feed Roll Lift is an excellent option when processing large branches.  Pull the lever on the infeed and the infeed roll is raised so that the branch can be loaded directly under the infeed roll.  Lower the lever on the branch and the feed roll will pull the branch in.




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Click here to download the 810PTO Literature & Specifications.