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Model 813, 13" Capacity, Hydraulic Feed


SSS Salsco Safety Shield, which is highly recommended by Salsco, is a safety system that vastly improves wood chipping safety, proactively and effectively preventing wood chipper injury by shutting down the chipper's infeed system when an operator enters a defined hazard zone.

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Speed Sensing is available as an option.  Speed Sensing monitors the impeller R.P.M., and should the R.P.M. drop to a certain R.P.M., the infeed will stop and wait for the R.P.M. of the impeller to come up to full operating R.P.M., and then it will start feeding in the material.  An invaluable tool!



Hydraulic Feed Roll Lift is an excellent option when processing large branches.  Pull the lever on the infeed and the feed roll is raised so that the branch can be loaded directly under the feed roll.  Lower the lever on the branch and the feed roll will pull the branch in.




Exhaust Chute Options include a height adjustable chute, a hand crank rotational chute and easy adjust exhaust deflector.  The height adjustable exhaust is a great option when loading debris directly into the collection vehicle.   The hand crank exhaust option is very useful if frequent debris exhaust direction is needed.  The easy adjust exhaust flap is also useful when  direction of chips needs to be made frequently.  These three options are great time savers.


High Speed Winch is a great option to have when large branches need to be retrieved and brought to the chipper for disposal.





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