Salsco - Over 30 Years of Quality and Service

Model HP11-III
Get More Rolling Done in Less Time!


The HP11-III is based on our flagship HP11 greens roller, but with 3 rolls. The Salsco HP11-III is a "best-in-class" Roller, that will perform for years to come…Manufactured to the same high standards that Salsco is known for.


"This Salsco roller (HP11-III) is unbelievable. Only took this guy 4 minutes from trailer to trailer to roll a 4,000 sq ft green, his first time operating it.  Impossible to leave burn outs on change of direction. Roller brushes leave clean finish, greens top dressed two days ago." Michael Goldsberry, Golf Course Superintendent at Wing Point Golf & Country Club, Bainbridge, WA


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