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Thorny Lea Golf Club was established in the city of Brockton in 1900. From its earliest days, the golf course has presented golfers of all handicaps with a challenging and attractive layout. Now in our second century, we continue to maintain a golf course that is rated among New England's best, to which members and guests alike can readily attest.


Jim Medeiros, CGCS, Superintendent
Thorny Lea Golf Club






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Testimonial provided by Jim Medeiros, CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent
Thorny Lea Golf Club, Brockton, MA



"We get about a foot increase in greens speed and smoothness,
and it firms it up a little bit, not a lot, but just enough."


"It's between two and three hours to do the whole approach, fairways and greens.
There's a big time savings there."


"You don't send the triplex out with three hand mowers, you just send the roller out.
That frees up all those operators."


It'll climb a hill like you read about; I mean even if it's a little bit wet, it still climbs."


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