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The 84 Series Chippers will easily and quickly dispose of any branch up to 4" round wood  capacity with little or no prunning.  360º exhaust chute and exhaust flap are both easy to adjust and require no tools to adjust direction of processed material.

The 160 lb. fully balanced impeller is 3/4" thick x 18-7/8" in diameter with 6 gusseted fan blades to expedite processed material.  Extra wide knife pockets and a vented impeller housing greatly increases air flow, improving exhaust of debris.

Engine options include either Kohler or Briggs & Stratton.  Simple and efficient to operate and maintain, this unit makes a great addition to the rental store fleet, and the tree care company.  It is easily moved around in tight places, such as back yards, golf courses, housing/condo complexes, etc.


Speed Sensing monitors the impeller R.P.M., and should the R.P.M. drop to a certain R.P.M., the infeed will stop and wait for the R.P.M. of the impeller to come up to full operating RPM, and then it will start feeding in the material.  An invaluable tool!







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