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86 Series Chippers In Action
6" Capacity
Engine Driven, Hydraulic Feed


The 86 Series Chippers are available with either a 25HP Gas, Kohler or a 37HP Gas E.F.I. Briggs & Strattonengine.  These units can easily handle any 6" diameter branch with limbs.  No need to do all that pruning; the infeed is 12" wide x 6" high.  The 360º exhaust chute and the chip deflector are easily adjusted and no tools are necessary.  These units have double bed knives, one vertical and one horizontal.  Evergreens, palm fronds and vines are easily chipped and will not wrap around the impeller shaft as long as the bed knives are properly adjusted.



Speed Sensing monitors the impeller R.P.M., and should the R.P.M. drop to a certain R.P.M., the infeed will stop and wait for the R.P.M. of the impeller to come up to full operating R.P.M., and then it will start feeding in the material.  An invaluable tool!




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