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Mini-Asphalt Track Paver, TP44-TD

Mini-Asphalt Track Paver, Model TP44-TD
Specifications & Features


The Go-Anywhere Paver!

Sidewalks - Cart Paths - Hiking & Biking Trails - Trench Work, anything 2' - 6' Wide

Hydraulic Tilt Hopper easily bolts together.  Raise the complete hopper for ease of maintenance.


Hydraulic End-Gates move in and out, and have rulers on the top of the end-gate to see where they are. All controls are on the rear of the machine, including the key switch and throttle.  Side Panels are available as an option.



The Salsco Side-Dump Bucket makes the perfect companion for loading the TP44-TD Mini-Track Paver.






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