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Model 824PTO Chipper
4" Capacity, Hydraulic Feed


The 824PTO is Fully Self-Contained and Requires No Oil From The Tractor. The Infeed Opening to the Feed Roll is 4” High x 8” Wide.


This unit will work from dawn to dusk for many years to come!




Speed Sensing monitors the impeller R.P.M., and should the R.P.M. drop to a certain R.P.M., the infeed will stop and wait for the R.P.M. of the impeller to come up to full operating R.P.M., and then it will start feeding in the material.  An invaluable tool!



Skid Steer Adapter Plate Option includes all necessary hoses, hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor to mount the Model 824PTO to a skid steer.  The skid steer can be either high or low flow.





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