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Salsco Model HP11 Gas Greens Roller


We took the #1 Greens Roller in the world and made it better!  We gave it a high performance hydraulic pump, which is where it gets its' speed.  Up to 11.9 Miles Per Hour! We doubled the steering ratio, and made our roller feel like a sports car.  We used larger bearings on the roll housings to increase the life of the rolls.  We machine 100% of the rolls outside dimension.  Consistency is no longer a concern.  Put these new features together with a proven machine and you have one of the finest rollers on the market today.


  • Dual Drive Oscillating Rolls for Positive Traction
  • Articulating Steering
  • Automotive Type Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Forward/Reverse Seat Slide
  • P.S.I = 4.2 without water added to the rolls, 5.6 with water added to the rolls



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