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A very special thanks to Clubs & Sports Fields listed below for allowing Salsco to roll their Greens, Approaches, Fairways & Sports Fields with the Tranz-Former Roller.  Click on the buttons below to view the video and the results obtained.


Pawleys Plantation, Pawley Island, SC


Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Kiawah, SC


Paramus Country Club, Paramus, NJ


The Bridge Club, Bridgehampton, NY


Merion Golf Club, Ardmore, PA


Kinloch Golf Club, Manakin Sabot, VA


The Olympic Club, San Francisco, CA


Barefoot Golf Club,


Glen Oaks Country Club, Glen Ellyn, IL


Fort Wayne C.C., Fort Wayne, IN


Briar's Creek, John's Island, SC


Concord Country Club, Concord, NH

Salsco Rollers at the U.S. Open, Merion Golf Club

Click on the picture above to view video of Salsco's Tranz-Former and Roll-N-Go hard at work at the U.S. Open.

"FULLY EQUIPPED" "Matt was highlighted in a previous GCI article (On a roll, October 2012) that outlined his use of fairway rollers.  he continues to reap rolling's agronomic benefits and is grateful be to working with Salsco's Sal Rizzo on these machines.  The rollers reduce disease incidence and the need for fungicides." (Excerpt from GCI, June 2013 issue, article named "The Time Is Now"


More pictures from the U.S. Open.

Dave McDonald, assistant superintendent at Merion Golf Club, is reflected in the rear-view mirror of a Salsco Tranz-Former, 1 of 4 used for the U.S. Open, in the maintenance facility. (Copyright USGA/Jonathan Kolbe)


Salsco's Roll-N-Go hard at work into the wee hours of the night.

Matt Shaffer had (4) Tranz-Formers at his disposal at all times.  Matter of fact, Matt was the inspiration that created the Tranz-Former.

Photos from Golf Course Industry, June 2013 Issue


Excerpt from Golf Course Industry article “Matt Shaffer Speaks!” – July 18, 2013
“A prior article in GCI discussed fairway rolling and Matt’s being a pioneer in that area. So it is only natural to ask Matt his opinion of them and how they came into play leading up to and during the US Open. “The fairway rollers proved to be extremely valuable not only to help with firmness but also as a squeegee for drying out landing zones. Not an agronomic practice that most would embrace but during a championship where you are trying to avoid mud balls it works to perfection. If we hadn’t rolled there would have been many mows that would have been missed but we never skipped one mowing and we never had a single scalp” reported Matt.”
Rolling on the greens with the Roll N Go attributed to some very fast speeds. Matt indicated to me that he had a few other tricks up his sleeve that week but will keep them to himself as he hopes to be around long enough to perhaps host another championship!”


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