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Model 8635TK, 6" Capacity Taz-Track Chipper


SALSCO, INC. introduces the Model 8635TK, TAZ-TRACK CHIPPER

Salsco took our Model 8635K chipper and made it 35”wide. Yes, that’s right! From 7-1/2' wide down to 35”. We also put it on a set of tracks so it can go almost anywhere. As if that wasn’t enough, we designed and built a special trailer for it. Now you can pull up to a job and chip right on the trailer and blow chips into the truck. By pulling one pin you can then drive the chipper off the trailer and through a 36” gate into the back yard. This little chipper is powered by a 35HP Kubota Diesel Engine and can chip a full 6” diameter log. “Y-Crotch” branches are no problem with its 6”x12” Infeed Opening. All this and feed sensing make this a must have chipper for the professional tree removal company.


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