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SSS Salsco Safety Shield Demonstration & Features Videos
Optional on All Salsco Engine Driven Chippers, 10" - 18" Capacity!

Effectively Prevent Chipper Injury!



Know that your Employees are Safe At All Times with this highly recommended option!


The SSS Salsco Safety Shield is the newest addition to our growing family of wood chipper safety solutions.  Salsco is confident our wood chippers are manufactured as the best, rugged, and most dependable line Made in America, but wondered what was next.  The answer was obvious when we looked at all machines in the industry from a safety aspect.  Our engineering team is diligent in designing the tools needed to maintain a compliant workplace safety program, and it was imperative that we devise an innovative safety mechanism above all that will save lives.


The SSS Salsco Safety Shield was designed to keep arms, legs, and people from entering the infeed area of the wood chipper. Wrist and ankle bands are worn by the operator, and when the antenna panels located in the infeed hopper detect these bands, the feed rolls stop immediately preventing the threat of bodily injury.  After the operator can remove himself from danger, he simply waves the wrist band over the reset bar to resume chipping.


Everyone knows these machines are designed to eat wood at the rate of 90’ per minute, but I would ask you to consider the following...…  90’ per minute translates to 18” per second.  If you are 6’ tall, 72” from the ground to the top of your head, and you fell 6’ away from the infeed area, you have FOUR SECONDS (yes, four!) to come up with your escape plan, find the last chance strings, that are hopefully in good repair, reach for the reverse lever or hope someone sees you and has time to help.  If you were using a Salsco wood chipper with the SSS Salsco Safety Shield and had the wrist and ankle bands on, the feed rolls would stop in less than a second (yes, less than a second!).  You did not have to do anything other than wear these bands that just may have saved your life.


This makes the Salsco line of wood chippers the safest on the market today.  We are proud to make the SSS Salsco Safety Shield available as an option on all Salsco engine driven wood chippers with 10” or larger infeed openings. Salsco now has a real world innovative system that allows safe operation of wood chippers, and we invite you to take a closer look.


Click here to download the SSS Salsco Safety Shield literature.