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STR-180 Turf Roller

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You can be assured that the STR-180 has the quality finish you have come to expect from Salsco.

Standard Features Include:

  • Five (5) 10-3/4” Diameter x 40” Long Tapered Steel Rolls
  • Each Roll Pivots and Each Roll Floats
  • Tractor Receiver with a Handheld Transmitter
  • 100 lbs. of Water can be Added to Each Roll
  • P.S.I. Without Water - Approximately 6.6
  • P.S.I. With Water - Approximately 8.3
  • Three Position Adjustable Height Hitch
  • 2” Farm Type Coupler

Comments from our Customers on the Benefits of Rolling Fairways, Greens and Sports Fields:

  • Reduce disease pressure "Dollar Spot" is always mentioned.
  • Control thatch layer. The thatch layer is where disease lives and if the layer can be reduced it makes sense that the chance for turf diseases will decrease.
  • Helps smooth the surface and provides a smoother surface for mowing, therefore you get a better, smoother mow.
  • Divots heal faster when rolled back into place.
  • Rolling helps to firm the soil which provides a firmer fairway for a better golfing experience for the golfer.
  • Faster, smoother and truer ball roll on the green.
  • Maintenance can roll in lieu of mowing and retain course conditions extending the life of mowers.
And for Sports Turf, All of the Above Plus:
  • Safer surface for players, less injuries.
  • Increased ball roll speed and ball control on fields where sports like soccer are played.


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