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Strawblower Features
Model 525 - Skid Mount


Processes 3.3 Bales of Straw Per Minute!

The Swivel Turret on both the 525 & the 525T is standard and will make road side work and large areas easy to access.  With simple 360° Rotation, and full travel from negative 45° to positive 45°, there isn’t much area you can’t reach!  The blower housing can be adjusted to accommodate a 12" diameter PVC hose.

Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Frame is fully gusseted where necessary for strength and has a storage area for bales of straw.

Adjustable height hitch and Torflex Axle for smooth over the road travel, is standard equipment.

Unlike other units with couplers that don’t work, Salsco Uses Two Triple “B” Section Belts and a Trouble Free Jack Shaft Arrangement. This cushions and separates the engine from the reverse shock load of the work being done.


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