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The Model TPC-72 is operated via a Radio Controlled Belly Pack instrument box, carried by the operator and can be operated in manual or full automatic mode. In auto mode, the machine will follow the guidance string and adjust tracking, travel speed and screed elevation automatically.  In the auto mode the operator can also adjust vibration from the (4) Pencil Type Vibrators located in the hopper.

There are (4) Large Pencil Type Vibrators.  The vibrators are variable speed adjustable from the Radio Control Belly Pack and are also adjustable on the mount inside the hopper.





The Radio Control Belly Pack has a magnetic back so that it can be easily mounted to the TPC-72 when not in use.






The Screed comes in Three Different Widths, depending on the customer's needs.  The screed attaches to the upper hopper & lower hopper via four connecting links and two raise & lower cylinders.  The connecting links allow the screed to raise & lower as well as maintain parallelism to the ground below.  This can be adjusted via the adjusting link on the screed mount.  The raise & lower cylinders, while in manual mode, will raise and lower the screed.  When the machine is in auto mode, the cylinders will receive signals from the sensors following the string line and raise or lower the screed cylinders for elevation & pitch.


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