Salsco - Over 30 Years of Quality and Service

Industries Serviced by Salsco.
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Shavings Processing Equipment


Golf Course Equipment


Wood Chippers, PTO & Engine Driven


Hay Silage Equipment


Paving & Curbing Equipment


Landscape & Grounds Maintenance


Chipper Shredder Vacuums

We have initiated Salsco Product Training so dealer salespeople can become familiar with our product line and be able to recognize the value of our products and how they will sell against the competition.  Return on Investment is clear with our products!  We are pleased to share this detailed information with our potential customers.

Every now and then we will highlight one product or product line, outlining its features and benefits, selling points, frequently asked questions and answers, photos, specifications, and more.  Click on the product below to open the PDF File.


Chipper Shredder Vacs, Models 616CSV, 625CSV & 635CSV - October 2020


PTO, Hydraulic Feed Chippers - July 2019


PTO, Gravity Feed Chippers - June 2019


Tranz-Former Roller, EHA-5G - May 2019

Salsco Roller Options - April 2019

Why Do We Roll - April 2019

HP11-III Gas Roller - March 2019


HP11 Gas Roller - February 2019


C.R.V. Core Recovery Vehicle - January 2019